Beer pong

Beer pong

Information for beer lovers who have team spirit and above all a lot of skill, the biggest Beer Pong tournament is coming to Luxexpo The Box! The first edition of an unusual tournament at LIFEXPO, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Beer Pong Federation.🔥

Amateurs or curious, the date is set during our LIFEXPO, where 32 teams of two players will compete for the first place under the encouragement of the visitors. Come join us!


40 euros/team of two people.

1st place

€100 consumption vouchers at the main bar of the event + Beer Pong table + Beer Pong Kit (Balls, Cups, Rack) + a large trophy.

2nd place

€75 consumption vouchers at the main bar of the event + Beer Pong Kit (Balls, Cups, Rack).

3rd place

€50 consumption vouchers + 10 balls from the Luxembourg Beer Pong club.


The rules are inspired by those of the World Series of Beer Pong:

  • Leaning above the table is allowed
  • Bounce counts as 1 cup
  • When you hit both of your shots, you get 1 bonus throw
  • Cups are immediately put away when hit
  • The cups will be rearranged at 6,3,1 in pyramid formation at the edge of the table
  • You always get at least 2 redemption shots
  • If you have to shoot 2 cups or more to go to redemption, you can shoot as long as somebody misses
  • Overtime is played with 3 cups
  • No Trickshot
  • Starting team gets 1 shot

For more details, you can read here:


The tournament takes place by group stage with direct elimination. For obvious health and safety reasons, the games take place exclusively with cups filled with water.


Participants will receive tokens to be able to consume free beer or soft drinks at the main bar of the event (in a limited number).