Access and Opening hours

Access and Opening hours

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17 Nov 2023


18 Nov 2023


19 Nov 2023

Access and Opening hours


Luxexpo The Box

Luxexpo The Box
South entrance

5, rue Carlo Hemmer
1734, Luxembourg



The event is organized within the Luxexpo The Box Exhibition Center, all the necessary infrastructures such as parking spaces near the entrance, access ramps and disabled toilets are available for people with reduced mobility.


A1/ Exit 8 – Plateau de kirchberg. More than 1,400 parking spaces made available by Luxexpo The Box.

Bus and taxi

Each entrance is directly connected to the Luxembourg City bus lines (free), to trans-regional lines and to taxi pick-ups.


Thanks to the Luxexpo stop, the tram (free) leaves you in front of the expo doors.

Access and Opening hours


In Place

For your safety and that of others, certain objects and activities are prohibited within the event. Security guards will check your handbag and jacket to make sure you are not wearing anything dangerous. Anyone who refuses to be searched at the entrance by our security guards will be denied access to the convention.

Please follow the instructions given by the security guards. You can find the list of prohibited items hereafter. We remind you that only security guards can judge whether an object is allowed to enter the convention premises, regardless of whether the object is listed or not.

Thank you for your understanding.

Tattoos are not allowed under 18, with or without parental consent. More information... (fr)
No smoking

Smoking inside the event hall is prohibited by law since January 1, 2014. Electronic cigarettes included.


Anything that can be considered in the eyes of the law as "weapon" is strictly prohibited. (Including plastic weapons and non-sharpened swords or knives)


For purely hygienic reasons, animals are forbidden at the event.

Expo access

The Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person at any time, if that person exhibits offensive or potentially offensive behavior, verbally or physically, towards management, staff or other clients.

Use of your image

By being present at this event, you are likely to be filmed or photographed. Any presence implies acceptance of the use of your image.